1.   Service Your Furnace Air Filters

hvac technician working on a filter

To winterize your home it is recommended to change your air filter. A dirty air filter can get in the way of your home air, make your breath unhealthy, reduce efficiency, and sometimes it can also damage your furnace. It is recommended to change your air filters once every 60 days or after every three months, it can help your furnace to work more efficiently, extend its life, and make your home healthy.


2.   Caulk Cracks

add caulk to protect your home

Cold air seeps through cracks and gaps, and most heat is lost due to these small openings. Make sure to seal them around your door and window frames before winter starts with your chalking gun while blowing air from the other side to ensure every gap is sealed. This will also save energy while keeping you warm.


3.   Check Weather Stripping

check your weather stripping

Check if the weather stripping around your doors and windows is working properly, if they are ripped, it will allow your home’s warmth to escape and will affect energy efficiency. Changing weather stripping can inhibit cold air from coming into your house and reduce your power bills.


4.   Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

reverse your ceiling fan to save energy

Ceiling fans rotate anticlockwise to trap warm air at the ceiling back and blow down cool air. In winter set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise. After setting it to rotate clockwise, it will push warm air downwards while keeping your home warmer. It is an easy way to prepare your home for winter.


5.   Change to a Programmable Thermostat

change to a programmable thermostat for energy efficiency


A programmable thermostat helps you to control your house temperature. You can set it according to your everyday routine, so it’ll not function when you don’t need it. Schedule your thermostat to automatically raise the temperature when everyone wakes up and lower it when it’s time to sleep to save on heating costs. Most of the programmable thermostats also have weekend and vacation settings.




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