Carrier Air Conditioner

To get the absolute most enjoyment out of summers in the , you need a refreshingly and consistently cool home.  At Furnace & AC Experts, we take comfort to a whole new level.  Through our industry affiliation with Bryant, we offer our customers a wide range of premier cooling products that deliver unprecedented efficiency, convenience, and accessibility.  Take advantage of groundbreaking technology, and customize temperature, humidity levels, ventilation, fan speed, and air quality throughout your home.  Cool only those rooms that are in use.  Answer room-by-room preferences.  

Furnace & AC Experts literally puts control at the tips of your fingers.  With Wifi compatibility, you make adjustments, get service updates, track energy usage, and so much more from your smartphone or computer.  And with features like adaptable speed, these intelligent systems respond to changing indoor conditions and actively work to conserve energy and cut operational costs without sacrificing comfort.  Contact Furnace & AC Experts for a free, no obligation estimate for new installation or upgrade of your cooling system in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and we’ll provide everything you need to keep cool this summer.

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Nearly 50% of all residential heating and cooling systems never perform to optimum capacity and efficiency due to incorrect installation, which results in higher operating costs over the life of the equipment.  By properly installing high-efficiency, high quality air conditioning products, Furnace & AC Experts ensures lower energy bills, increased comfort in your home, and extended longevity from your heating system.  Through conscientious workmanship, extensive experience, and in-depth training, we avoid common installation errors that can cause an endless nightmare of expense and discomfort.  Skilled A/C installation maximizes equipment’s full potential.  That means getting everything right from beginning to end.  We discuss options with you, listen to your expectations, and perform exacting calculations to design the ideal cooling unit.  By correctly sizing the air conditioner to meet your exact needs, verifying proper refrigerant charge, and ensuring optimum airflow, Furnace & AC Experts can potentially reduce your cooling costs by as much as 30%.

Keep your home cool and comfortable with an expert air conditioning installation from Furnace & AC Experts!

Home and business owners across Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Milton, Burlington have made Furnace & AC Experts their leading choice for air conditioning service, because every project is handled by a team of qualified professionals who are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction.  We don’t waste your time or money with careless errors, disorganization, or delays.  On-time, on-budget, and accurate completion are not the exception to the rule but standard operating procedure.  We make sure that every step of the process is simple, convenient, and fulfills your expectations.  Our job is not complete until all mess has been cleaned up, you are familiar with all features, and your new cooling system is operating to your approval.  Improving the comfort of your home is our pleasure.  Count on Furnace & AC Experts for a rewarding start-to-finish experience and ongoing enjoyment.  We love to keep you cool!