Spring Cleaning Tips for a Fresh and Clean Home

Organize and De-clutter: Sort your belongings into three categories—trash, donate, store. Then organize the rest of the items.   Clean Kitchen and Washroom surface: Try wiping down your surfaces with soap and water, removing dirt and grime first. Secondly, use your disinfectant to remove the bacteria allowing these high-touch areas to stay virus-free longer.   […]

Covid-19 Update

As the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) dominates the headlines, we wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and hope you and your families are safe and healthy. The health and well-being of our employees, customers, and partners is our top priority. We are regularly reminding our team to take appropriate hygienic measures […]

Why Go Tankless?

Tankless Water Heaters: The Long Game The difference between Tankless water heater and hot water tank is that Tankless models only use energy when you turn on the tap. You aren’t paying to store 50 Gallons of water every time even while you’re away at work or at night when you’re sleeping. Tankless water heater […]

Solve Dry Air Problems

Winter air is dry and Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which can create a lot of benefits for you and your family. Maintaining the right level of humidity not only make the difference how comfortable you feel in your home but also gives you more health benefits. During winter months, properly humidified air […]

Ice Buildup on your Air Conditioner?

The most common and obvious problem we hear from our customers in Summer is that their Air Conditioners are not cooling enough. While inspection we find that there is an Ice buildup on the Outdoor Condenser unit and also into the Refrigerant lines/joints inside.      Check your Air Filters One of the main cause of […]

Furnace & AC Experts Crowned 2019 HomeStars Best of Award Winner!

Toronto, ON — March 6, 2019 — Furnace & AC Experts announced today that they have been selected as a 2019 “Best of Award” Winner by HomeStars. Hailed as HomeStars’ highest honour, the Best of Awards, recognizes the most trusted home service professionals in HomeStars’ network of over 60k pros, vetted and crowned for their […]

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Indoors

Fall is approaching and we would like to share some useful tips with our customers for their indoors. Conduct an Energy Audit  A certified energy auditor can evaluate your home’s current energy efficiency and give you a list of recommended improvements you can make, which may include upgrading to Energy Star appliances, adding insulation to […]

Leaving for Vacation? Check this before..

Leaving for a vacation is always a bit of a stressful time as you run around the house and get everything ready. Before you hit the road, it’s worth running through a checklist you need before you leave the home. Check-in with your Doctor and Insurance Company: Double-check that you have all of the proper […]

Energy Saving Tips for Winter

  Let the sun shine in! During the day open the blinds to heat your home naturally. Close them again at night. Set your thermostat between 18°C and 20°C before bed and 16°C when you’re away. Every degree lower saves up to 3% on heating costs! Only heat the rooms you use. Shut off air […]

Get Ready for the Winter Season

Fall is approaching….and it is important to start preparing for the coming cold season. When we think about cold our Furnace and Boilers are the first thing that comes in mind. Below are few tips from Carrier to maintain your equipment so that you and your family stays warm when it is needed most. Furnace […]

Indoor Air Quality – Did you ever Noticed?

Chances are you have billions of unwanted guests living in your home. Dust mites. Mold. Mildew. Not to mention all the inhabitants you can’t see like pet dander, bacteria, viruses, skin flakes, chemical fumes, pollen and more. The Indoor Air Analyzer service offered by Carrier® can quickly and accurately identify the unseen threats potentially lurking […]

Features & Benefits of the Mitsubishi Mr.Slim™ M-Series

At the heart of Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr.Slim™ technology is Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSi) technology. As opposed to conventional systems that inefficiently start with a surge and stay on at a maximum fixed speed, the VCSi technology automatically adjusts the system’s capacity to match your home’s moment to moment heating and cooling needs, thus saving you from the higher […]