Condensing Combi Gas Boiler

Enjoy perfect home temperatures, an ample supply of hot water, and minimize the cost of running your household with a modern combi-boiler. With a wide selection to meet your exact needs, Furnace & AC Experts helps you take advantage of state-of-the-art technology, superior efficiency, and outstanding durability. Investing in an updated boiler system increases the value of your home, and improves your daily life. And the experienced team from Furnace & AC Experts makes it easy for home and business owners to achieve their goals for comfort, budget, and energy efficiency.

Our extensive range of high-efficiency wall hung residential gas boilers, natural gas boilers, combi boilers, natural gas condensing and non-condensing boilers provides efficient whole-home heating, water heating or both in one advanced system.

Enjoy the benefits of a modern gas boiler installation!

Streamlined for residential application, today’s boilers are wonderfully compact and efficient.  A combi boiler is a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, combined within one compact unit. Advancements in technology have resulted in modulation, allowing the system to fire at varying rates.  Instead of running at full capacity at all times, the system answers to the changing needs of the home and adapts output for extended run times at lower fire rates. Eliminating frequent cycling and tailoring output to requirements ensures ideal comfort and greater efficiency.  You’ll also benefit from electronic ignition, which replaces the constantly burning pilot light.  Groundbreaking condensing technologies extract more heat from the same amount of fuel.  Sealed combustion takes advantage of outside air to fuel the burner, cutting down on drafts and improving safety.  The end result is a heating system that keeps your utility bills wonderfully low, without sacrificing your comfort.

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Navien Condensing Gas Combi Boilers

As the leader in condensing technology, Navien has already reinvented the water heating industry with the award-winning NPE tankless water heaters and the NCB combi-boilers. The new NHB boiler series is the next in line of innovations from Navien. All NHB boilers have Navien’s advanced burner system, an industry-leading AFUE of 95% and turn-down ratios up to 15:1.

Condensing Gas Combination Boiler (NCB)

Available in Four sizes:Condensing Gas Combination Boiler (NCB)

NCB-150E : Max input: 120,000 BTU/H

NCB-180E : Max input: 150,000 BTU/H

NCB-210E : Max input: 180,000 BTU/H

NCB-240E : Max input: 199,900 BTU/H

  • Super condensing efficiency
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • SCH40, 2″ pvc VENTING UP TO 60′
  • 1/2″ Gas pipe upto 24′
  • Automatic water filling system
  • Integrated controls
  • Indoor only
  • Residential only

Condensing Gas Boiler (NHB)Condensing Gas Boiler (NHB)

Available in Four sizes:

NHB-55 : Max input: 55,000 BTU/H

NBH-80 : Max input: 80,000 BTU/H

NBH-110 : Max input: 110,000 BTU/H

NBH-150 : Max input: 150,000 BTU/H

  • Super condensing efficiency
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • SCH40, 2″ pvc VENTING UP TO 60′
  • 1/2″ Gas pipe upto 24′
  • TDR from 7:1 to 15:1
  • Integrated controls
  • Indoor only
  • Residential/Commercial


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