Fall is approaching….and it is important to start preparing for the coming cold season.

When we think about cold our Furnace and Boilers are the first thing that comes in mind. Below are few tips from Carrier to maintain your equipment so that you and your family stays warm when it is needed most.

Furnace and Boiler Maintenance:

  • Confirm that the furnace/boiler turns on and off via your thermostat by setting the temperature higher than the current indoor temperature and setting the system to heat mode.
  • Check the temperature of air supply grates or radiant system to ensure you’re able to feel warmth.
  • If you have an older thermostat that could have mercury switches, clean and level it to ensure it works properly.
  • Check all visible wiring and electrical connections for signs of damage like burns, unraveling wires and loose nuts.
  • Check vent connection pipe and chimney for rust or gaps. (Venting systems can deteriorate over time.)
  • If you have a gas or oil furnace, make sure you have a clean air filter in the proper size.
  • When you restart your system each Fall, you might consider an inspection of the burners, combustion area, venting and even flame appearance.

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source: Carrier.ca

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