Perfectly adapted to Canadian weather, a heat pump can serve as an air conditioning system in the summer and as a heating system in the winter. A heat pump actually transfers heat from one area to another or provides fresh air in your home. It also allows you to control humidity which will increase your comfort level.

You should know that despite the slightly higher purchase price, heat pumps use less energy than conventional systems.

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How to choose the right heat pump for your home?

Choose location

Choose to install in an open area to allow the air to circulate in the largest space possible.

Calculate the surface area

Calculate the surface area that the heat pump can directly access, not the total surface of the house. If the house needs four thousand watts of heating, you wouldn’t install a four thousand watts heating unit in a single room because the room will overheat. It’s the same principle with a heat pump.

Calculate the number of BTU

For a quick estimate, calculate a minimum of 15 air conditioning BTU and a maximum of 20 air conditioning BTU per square foot. Choose the heat pump model that has the BTU between those two values.

Use cooling capacity

Always base your decision on the heat pump’s cooling capacity rather than the heating capacity. 

Choose the right unit

Choose the right product quality based on your geographic location, budget and requirements.


Furnace & AC Experts will help you choose the best quality and best heat pump that suited your house.

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