Indoor humidity control is important because too much or too little moisture influences your comfort, your health, and the condition of your home’s interior and furnishings.

humidity control

During the heating season, low humidity can cause dry skin and nasal passages, growth of bacteria and viruses, static electricity, damaged woodwork and more.

Moisture evaporating from your skin makes you feel cooler than normal. During the cooling season, high humidity allows faster growth of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold and mildew; it causes painted surfaces to peel and woodwork to warp, buckle and rot; and it makes you feel hot and sticky. In addition, high humidity creates stagnate, musty odours.


Enjoy greater health and comfort throughout the heating season by maintaining a more fixed level of humidity. Bryant Perfect Humidity technology minimises these problems by maintaining proper humidity levels, allowing you to feel more comfortable all year long. Contact us for more information on humidifiers.

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