Organize and De-clutter: Sort your belongings into three categories—trash, donate, store.

Then organize the rest of the items.


Clean Kitchen and Washroom surface: Try wiping down your surfaces with soap and water, removing dirt and grime first. Secondly, use your disinfectant to remove the bacteria allowing these high-touch areas to stay virus-free longer.


Disinfect Properly: Disinfect doorknobs, handles, railings, toilets, light switches, remotes, cell phones and kids’ toys daily.


Open your Windows & Doors: To keep your home fresh, open your windows and exterior doors daily (if possible) to air out your space.  This will allow some air congestion to be released and new air to be pushed through.


Change your Furnace Filters: Remember to check and change your Furnace Filter to circulate the clean air in your home.


Add Indoor Plants: Plants clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.


Service your Air Conditioner: As we are spending more time indoor, the indoor air quality is very important. Make sure to service your Air conditioner before you use it for the warm weather. It will ensure safe operation and clean air flow in the home.

Allow Sun rays/Natural Light Inside: Natural light reduces stress and anxiety, boost your Immune system and increase happiness




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