Have you ever wondered what is the difference between an Air conditioner and a Heat pump? Technically they look identical from the outside but there are some big differences which are listed below.

The primary difference between these two systems is, a heat pump can heat and cool, but an air conditioner cannot. Technically an Air conditioner is paired with a furnace to provide heat when it’s freezing outside but a heat pump can reverse itself to provide heating during cold months. So, basically Heat Pump an Air Conditioner which can reverse itself. 




  • Heat pups are also a great choice if you want to save money. They can reduce your electric heating by 50%. 
  • A heat pump can pump heat in both ways, Heating (from outside to inside) and cooling (from inside to outside).
  • A heat pump is much safer than a furnace as it is electric which means there’s no combustion process in your home.



  • The main feature of an air conditioner is that it cools the home and reduces the humidity. High humidity can cause heatstroke. 
  • Air conditioner can make an ideal temperature for your room and you can stay focused.
  • AC units last longer as they only provide cooling so they can rest during the winter months.




Both systems are great choices for providing comfort to your home and family but there are some things to consider before buying a system which are depending on your situation. 

  • Heat pump and ac will cool equally during the summer but in winter a heat pump can cost less as compared to furnace and save money.
  • Heat pumps are used all over the year so, it can last up to 15 years although an air conditioner can last up to 20 years as it only uses during the summer time. 
  • Heat pumps are great investments as it is more expensive to install but you can save more money throughout the year.
  • Heat pumps are much safer as there’s no chance of leaking gas with low maintenance costs.


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