If you’ve considered upgrading your existing system or adding air conditioning to your home, you’ve probably realized there’s a large gap in the available options for home cooling. At one end of the spectrum are the small, relatively inexpensive window air conditioners that seem to have moved along noisily with few advances in technology since they entered the mainstream market in the 1940s. At the other end are large, quiet (as long as you’re inside) central systems designed to hook into existing central ventilation ducts.

What’s available for houses that have no ducting?

The ductless air conditioner or “mini-split” as its also called, is a perfect solution that’s sized to fill the gap between central systems and window are conditioners, ductless system have another advantage too. They save money through lower electricity consumption. Operating without all that sheet metal has its advantages.

If you live in an older home without ductwork then Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner is the best option to keep your home warm in the cold winter. For duct-free houses heated with electric baseboard heaters or radiant in-floor heating, mini-splits offer cooling action that simply can’t be achieved with central air. Ductless systems also eliminate the risk of criminal intrusion into the home that window air conditioners create. Some systems (Heat Pumps) are even designed to operate in reverse, supplying heat during cool weather. For homes without ducts, this can mean getting rid of those baseboard heaters, resulting in year-round energy savings.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are more energy-efficient, flexible, and easier to install and reduce energy costs and easily provide solutions for:

  • Hot and Cold Rooms
  • Additions and Renovations
  • Enclosed Patios
  • Homes without Space for Ductwork
  • Larger, Multi-zone
  • Living Spaces
  • Entire Home

Mr.Slim Ductless Split System

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim M-Series ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps are the standard in which all other ductless units are compared to. The reliability and craftsmanship of Mitsubishi units are simply the best. Year after year, Mitsubishi has topped customer satisfaction ratings in both performance and value.

We specializes in Mitsubishi ductless units and are pleased to offer the entire range of straight-cooling and heat pump systems from 9,000 to 36,000 Btu/h with efficiency of up to 30.5 SEER!

All units sold in Canada are available with leading factory warranties of 10 years for compressors, 6 years for parts and 6 years labor.

Mr. Slim M-Series ductless come in single and multi-head units for almost any application.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump


Heat pump is a system that consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, with two small refrigerant pipes connecting between. A heat pump provides two services and employs the same basic principles for both. Working like an air conditioner on warm days, the pump will extract heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoors. Conversely, on cold days the pump will flow heat energy into the home from the outside.

Air-source heat pumps draw heat from the outside air during the heating season and reject heat outside during the summer cooling season. There are two types of air-source heat pumps. The most common is the air-to-air heat pump. It extracts heat from the air and then transfers heat to either the inside or outside of your home depending on the season. In cooling mode, a heat pump operates as an air conditioner…

Heat Pump Working Cycle

Above picture depicts how heat pumps work.

  • A refrigerant coil is located inside the indoor air handling unit.
  • Warm indoor air from the return air duct passes through the coil which is filled with cold liquid refrigerant.
  • The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air and evaporates into warmer gas form, while the now chilled air is delivered back into the house.
  • The warm gas refrigerant then gets pumped into the compressor located in the outdoor unit which prepares it into a high-pressure, high-temperature state before moving onto the coil in the outdoor unit.
  • Now the temperature of the refrigerant is much higher than the outdoor air. As the outdoor fan blows cooler air across the coil, it also picks up heat energy from the refrigerant, which then condenses into cold liquid form again before transferring to the indoor unit. And the cycle continues.

Zuba will keep you comfortable during the coldest winter days and nights.
The Mitsubishi Electric Zuba, cold climate heat pump was developed as a primary heating system for Canadian winters. An environmentally friendly and more efficient alternative to a fossil fuel system, that provides both heating and cooling from a single system.

Unlike water which has a boiling point of 100°C, the liquid refrigerant has a much lower boiling point, even lower than the cold outdoor air. This is why in heating mode, the refrigerant can still evaporate in the outdoor coil at low temperatures and draw heat from surrounding air, making the seemingly impossible heating with cold air possible. The now-heated gas refrigerant flows into the indoor coil and extracts the heat into the indoor air. Despite frigid temperatures the air will, unfailingly, contain enough energy to heat the home, even at -30°C.

Energy-efficient. Easy to install. Extremely quiet. Zuba-Central is simply the new and better way to heat and cool your home or small business. Zuba-Central is a Heat Pump which provides heating and cooling to your home through ductwork. It is ranked among the most energy efficient and cost-effective ways of transferring heat from one place to another.



Made for Canada, Zuba-Central is the true evolution in whole-home, year-round comfort. Heating and cooling for ducted homes. 

Zuba-Central is a heat pump that installs easily into new or existing ductwork to provide you with a more energy-efficient and more cost-effective way to heat and cool your home.

Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) Technology = more effective and efficient temperature control.



Ductless System. Zuba-Multi is ideal for homes without existing air ducts or new home constructions where the time and expense of installing ductwork can be eliminated. Zuba-Multi is a heat pump system that can be installed easily and delivers a more energy-efficient and more cost-effective way to heat and cool your home compared to traditional HVAC systems.

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