With today’s rising uncertainty surrounding utility costs, homeowners are becoming more and more interested in finding the best, most economical solution for indoor heating and cooling. Carrier specializes in creating customized home comfort systems tailored to your needs with a broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. We can help you choose the best system for your home, including a HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system designed to deliver maximum comfort and economy.

HYBRID HEAT dual fuel systems deliver exceptional performance by using a heating source that provides the most energy-efficient comfort during moderate heating conditions. As the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches to your second heating source which becomes the most economical way to keep your family comfortable.

With both a heat pump and a furnace, the Carrier Hybrid Heat system will keep you comfortable throughout every season. The heat pump is designed to work like an air conditioner during the warmer month, transferring heat from inside your home and sending it outside. As the seasons change, the heat pump reverses this process by extracting heat from outdoor air and moving it into your home. By combining an electric heat pump and a gas furnace, our HYBRID HEAT system delivers big comfort while using less energy.




Carrier recently launched a new line of hybrid solutions, which connects the 38MARB single-zone outdoor unit to a Carrier residential indoor unit via 24-volt (24V) interface technology. These solutions offer homeowners versatility while also providing excellent energy efficiency. In addition, Carrier’s ductless hybrid combinations can achieve a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 25 and a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of up to 12.5 (based on unit size and type).

Carrier ductless hybrid solutions are off-the-shelf combinations using already-available Carrier units, as the 38MARB can be paired with select existing Carrier air handlers, fan coils, and Carrier furnaces. The combinations come to life with patented 24V interface technology that connects the indoor and outdoor units to perform seamlessly. In addition, the outdoor unit performs using its inverter compressor to operate as a variable-speed unit.

Available in outdoor unit sizes from 12k-36k, ductless hybrid solutions are ideal for any size home, as multiple outdoor units can be paired with multiple fan coils or furnace case coils to accommodate any square footage in the home. Plus, these systems can also be operated using third-party thermostats.

Adapting Heat Pumps to our Canadian Climate

What is a Hybrid Heat System?


Hybrid Heat Brochure

Hybrid System Advantages Over Conventional Heating & Cooling System

  1. Environmental friendly – 50% less Greenhouse gas emission/less house carbon footprint
  2. As gas prices are going up and more sanctions will be implemented i.e. carbon tax, Heat pumps will save on home heating costs.
  3. No Furnace operation means no Carbon-monoxide risk associated with combustion gases (safe heating)
  4. No Fire hazard in the house (no smoke, flue gases)
  5. Customers can choose to run either heat pump or furnace depending on the utility rates during the day/night.
  6. $6,500 Greener home grant available on heat pumps only
  7. In-case of emergency there are two heating sources available (Furnace & heat pump)
  8. Heat pump (ROI) 6-7 months of operation is faster than just AC (ROI) 3-4 months of operation.
  9. Hybrid thermostat automatically switch operation from Furnace to Heat pump & vice versa.

Hybrid Heat Pump Reviews

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On top of this Hybrid Advantage customers can also get a $6,500 rebate in the new Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus!

Enhanced rebates through a new partnership with Enbridge Gas and the Government of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant.

Learn More at https://www.enbridgegas.com/residential/rebates-energy-conservation/home-efficiency-rebate-plus